Model Role: Dr. Wanda Austin, CEO, Aerospace Corporation.
Which of the following were invented and patented by blacks?


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Career Communications Group, Inc (CCG) was founded over 20 years ago with a unique mission: To promote significant minority achievement in engineering, science and technology. As a minority-owned media services company, we recognize the mandate to promote excellence to our youth by telling the stories of the thousands of unheralded people striving for success. Through our inspiring magazines, award-winning syndicated television programs, and annual national conferences, CCG reaches thousands of Black students and professionals each year.

It is through our continuous research and relationships that we are addressing this urgent need: To promote opportunities for the Black Community to take a leadership role in developing and teaching its children and professionals about the work of technology, and to ensure that we will have a role in this phenomenon, if we are prepared.

The field of technology is the future. Studies show that Information Technology is already outstripping all other industries in economic growth. As a community, it is critical that we become a major part of the economy of the next millennium. Education and job-preparedness are the guarantees we need to find our place in that development.

The Foundation for Educational Development, Inc. (FEDI), a 501(c), was founded in 1993 to promote engineering, science, and technology to minorities and women through professional and career development, educational programs, awards programs, and career placement opportunities. In addition to creating opportunities for a more diverse cross section of Americans in engineering, science, healthcare and information technology, addressing the gap in Internet usage and computer ownership between the U.S. mainstream and the many minority and cultural groups that are Hispanic is a moral imperative of FEDI.
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