Model Role: Dr. Wanda Austin, CEO, Aerospace Corporation.
Which of the following were invented and patented by blacks?


  Communities should consider the following agenda in developing a program to increase the awareness of technology. It may be necessary for your community to schedule the following events on a day other than indicated.
Black Family Technology Sunday

Review your plans, get your team energized, and get ready to make this the best Black Family Technology Week ever! Some of the key Objectives of this activity day: 

   - To stimulate interest in the Black Family Technology Awareness program by explaining why this event could be very important to them. 
   - To introduce each element of the program with the rationale for inclusion
   - To present the action that you want each family to very seriously consider when they leave the program
   - To ensure the participants that your organization will work with and help them to bridge the digital divide if they are willing to make the needed commitments of time, energy, and money. 

Included Topics: 
   - What If?  Intended to get the audience engaged in the possibilities and to dream a little. What if you could wave a magic wand and make these things a reality? 
   - Today - A Potentially Very Important Passage in Your Family’s Life
   - Removing the Technology Mystery
   - Applying Your PC and the Internet to Your Family’s Quality of Life Plan
   - Owning A Personal Computer with Access to the Internet
   - Getting Initial Training for your Personal Computer and the Internet
   - Planning Your Time to Take Full Advantage of this Important New Part of Your Life

What you can do
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Business Opportunity Monday
Address several key issues, including: 1) the emerging trends in business growth and how business owners and those aspiring to be business owners can participate; and 2) how to help Black businesses and other Black organizations increase their productivity and effectiveness through the wise use of technology. The key objective of this activity day is to learn how to use the web to access the tools and resources that can help build and support your business. 

Included Topics:
   - Is there a dire need for Black Businesses in America?
Some alarming statistics are included.
   - Why Start Your Own Business?
   - A Checklist of essentials before starting your own business.
   - Financing Your Business: Important Steps on how to finance your venture
What you can do 
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Technology Health Tuesday

The purpose of this activity day is to introduce the audience to the power and importance of the health and nutrition information that is available on the Internet. Information that can alert them to important health issues and concerns enabling them and their family to enjoy a healthier and higher quality life.

Included Topics:
   - Purpose
   - Introduction
   - Learn more about your primary health concerns and issues
   - Research your symptoms and warning signs
   - Learn about health-enhancing nutrition
   - Access information on health insurance
   - Access information on preventative health practices

What you can do 
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Technology Education Wednesday
Shows how new technologies can close the achievement gaps and empower parents and students. Demonstrate tutorial and research help for students and adults. The key purpose of this activity day is to inform and create awareness of the educational resources that the Internet has in store for adults and children to create an informative educational and entertaining experience.

Included Topics:
   - Introduction
   - Alarming Educational Statistics for the African American Communities
   - Why is there a Gap?
   - Where are the free services located online?
What you can do 
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Discover Your Future Thursday
The purpose of this activity is to introduce the wide use of the Internet to improve our future and quality of life including discovering and obtaining a better job, managing and spending money more efficiently, and obtaining legal advice pertaining to future financial security

Included Topics:
   - Purpose
   - Introduction
   - Job preparation
   - Specialized websites exist to aid in resume and cover letter creation
   - Sites are available to help you prepare for an interview
   - Job searching on-line is more extensive and exhaustive than other options
   - Applying for jobs on-line saves time and money
   - Money Management
   - Educate yourself about selling, renting, buying, and leasing, finding scholarships to help pay for schooling
   - Buy products on-line at a discounted price
   - Legal Services
What you can do 
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Technology Pioneers  Friday
Celebrate Black History Month by learning about African Americans who leaders in science and technology. The purpose of this activity day is to inspire and encourage through the stories of men and women who have succeeded in spite of their circumstances and have become pioneers in the field of technology.

Included Topics:
   - Purpose
   - Pioneers
     · Sametra Forrest: Engineer and Olympic track runner
     · Arnold Stancell: Inventor of PVC plastic
     · Katherine Johnson: Calculated the 1st flight to the moon
     · Elijah McCoy: “The real McCoy”
     · Vice Admiral Walter Davis: Developed the “Topgun” fighter plane
     · Bessie Coleman: 1st woman aviator
What you can do 
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Technology. Everybody Can Play Saturday

Use the Internet as a home library, resource center and game room. Demonstrate online communications tools. Explore the world's media online. The key purpose for this activity day is to learn how the web weaves itself around our lives today. It plays an integral part in the lives of today’s netizens. Everyone talks about the Internet revolutionizing our lives. Has it missed yours? Here is a quick introduction on how you can change your life using the World Wide Web

Included Topics:
   - Online Shopping! Buy anything from your groceries to an island in the Caribbean online!
   - Find Stuff online! From jobs to your lost classmates - from directions to the weather today in your area. Find them all online. 
   - Connect with the world! Use the Internet technology to communicate and stay in touch through online chat rooms, messenger services, electronic greeting cards, electronic 
mail etc.
   - Organize your life! Use the web to get your act together using it to store addresses, calendar of events online, paying bills online and maintaining photo libraries.
   - Fun stuff! The web is a storehouse of entertainment. Find out ways how you can have educational fun on the information highway.
What you can do 
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